Moon Shadow Holt


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History of Moon Shadow

The first chief of Moon Shadow was SilverBlade, with his lifemate he left the holt of his brother. ArrowRace chased his brother away from the tribe when he threatened him for the right of the chieftain's lock. ArrowRace was a quick-tempered, careless chief who led his followers into bloody times or war and death after SilverBlade and his beloved, RiverStar, left. A few elves who wanted to live in peace followed SliverBlade. Together they banded, and travelled far and wide before settling in a unknown, wild forest. They called it Shadow Dell, and the holt Moon Shadow Holt. They've led a peaceful life, and RiverStar gave birth to a son, GreenThorn, in the new land. GreenThorn took over right of the Way after SilverBlade's death, and recognized DawnMist. Their firstborn was a spirited, wild cub, true to the ways of the wolves and the Way. She became chieftess after her parents' mysterious deaths. Ravensong leads the way now, strong, brave and proud, but times are changing. There is a shadow over the land, a tense feeling. Everyone knows the peaceful times are ending. Come, fight with us for the right of way and the song of the wolf.