Moon Shadow Holt
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Deep in a forest, where no human has ever set foot, dwell strange creatures. Tales tell of demons with the eyes of foxes, with the ears of wolves. Little people, strange and shadowy, unknown. Shrouded in mystery they live, lonely. Some say to fear them, some worship them. Some don't even believe in them. Wild folk, the stuff of legends and dreams. Are they real?

Step inside Shadow Dell Forest. There you will find a tribe of elves. They call themselves the Wolfriders. Small folk, bonding with wolves, living in the night, silent and strong. Hunters. They make their homes in trees, in a small, withdrawn clearing where the moons shine their light at night. There they live, those strange creatures. They aren't demons. They aren't gods. They are only the Wolfriders, trying to make their life as a small tribe, in a world that never wanted them and never cared.

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Time: 3rd year of Chieftess Ravensong.
Season: Death Sleep
Current Happenings: After a night of tales and dreamberries, the elves have splitting headaches. And the trolls picked a perfect time to arrive at the holt! Also, a Recognition between Starvine and Stormleaves took place!