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Like, it says, links. Links to other holts I belong to, to my friend's holts, and anything EQ-related. If you would like your holt linked here, email me. Of course, you'd have to link me to your holt as well. :)

The Original!!!


Greenshine Hills
An RPG with a lot of Scottish influence! We are now in the beginning of harvesting, and the elves are trying to work in the burning heat...

High Gaze Holt
A Wolfrider Holt located in the North. We are right now preparing for the yearly mammoth Hunt, but also those who will stay at the Holt will have their share of some action... ;)

Shadow Wolf Holt
Chief Snow and his tribe arrived in a new place after a deadly battle against humans. They hope to find a new safe life here, full of games and promises...Inside a large valley is located the Father Tree, located inside the valley gorge there is also a stream and some caves where the elves live during the white cold and store extra food. Come and join the wolf pack in a howl, be welcome at Shadow Wolf Holt...

Stormrise Holt
Stormrise Holt is located in the stormy, moorish northeastern regions of Two Moons. The elves have lived in peace for hundreds of turns after driving the humans away. However, now humans have returned--to stay. New members welcome - create or adopt a wolfrider or griffin-rider.

Three Lakes Holt
A holt about three tribes of elves fighting with each other, the first two because of their chiefs' offsprings, the third as they want to kick every other elf from the Three Lakes and be the only surviving ones. They bond with cats (tigers, neopard, etc), pegasus (and pegasus-unicorn hybrids) and gryffins.

Thornbrook Holt
Welcome to Thornbrook Holt! I am chieftess Moonlight, and this is our Holt of Wolfriders and Bear-riders - all living in perfect harmony! You can look around as much as you like: play with the cubs, listen to the storytellers, taste some dreamberry wine... Afterwards, you can either leave the Holt (and come back again soon!) or join us, I will be happy to get new members! But now, step forward to view Thornbrook Holt...

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