Moon Shadow Holt


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See what's new with the elves of MoonShadow Holt!

We have another new member, Rebecca, who brought Woodshadow.
Starvine has been adopted by Dawn.
Stormleaves' name was changed to Riverleaf.
Riverleaf's and Woodshadow's CISs are uploaded.
Yes, I'm still too lazy to upload the drawings.

We have a new member, Dawn, who brought Stormleaves.
We've had a Recognition in the holt, between Dawn's Stormleaves and Starvine, who is currenly adoptable.
Added Stormleaves' CIS.
Rini of Descantia made us a banner, it is now up in the Link Us section. Banner trade with Descantia.

We have a new member, Holly, who brought Silentwish.
The Lost Souls has been closed down and is removed from the links.
We won Best New Holt in the Golden Wolf Awards!